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July 17, 2012 / conceptbin

Tweet yourself into a media gig

ImageI’m a lazy Twitter user. I tweet a few times a week, but mostly I seem to let the retweets do the talking for me. Putting it generously, I’ve got a curatorial style when it comes to microblogging.

Lists are Twitter’s neglected children. They’re great for taking delicate sips from the firehose of Twitter, but they can be hard to find if you don’t already know that they’re there. You have to dig into the profiles of tweeters you like and see if they’ve put any lists together. If you like the look of the list, you can subscribe to it and get all the tweety goodness without having to subscribe individually to every single feed on the list.

In the spirit of giving a bit back and not being a lazy tweeter, here’s probably the most useful list I’ve put together (and which I maintain by adding and deleting feeds from every few weeks) – Media Work

This list features London- and UK-based feeds from organizations, individuals and businesses that post job adverts aimed at new entrants in the media-sector (production, post-production, digital, etc.), facilitate paid work experience or internships, or offer helpful advice.

The media work list is intended for students and new entrants into the media and creative industries. It was made for my students, and some of the feeds have been suggested by them, but you’ll see that a lot of this information is useful for professionals as well.


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