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November 9, 2010 / conceptbin

Podcasting for Project Students

There are three key steps to any podcast:

1. Prepare
Intro: How podcasting works (

2. Record
Basic steps: How to Create a Podcast in 10 Easy Steps
How to Create Your Own Podcast – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Create a Podcast with No Technical Know-How

3. Distribute
Specific blogging platforms:
How to Publish Podcasts on WordPress tutorial. Also, BloggerTumblr and TypePad make it very easy to post audio to blogs, once you have the file ready.

Feed subscription via RSS: To use FeedBurner to link your blog to iTunes and other services, start with their helpful Feed 101guide.

Learn from the greats:

Podcasting follows all the same principles as radio production except it should probably have a longer shelf-life than your normal broadcast. The best way to understand the potential of the medium is to listen to some good podcasts. Here’s a selection of very different podcasts, from a variety of sources, on a variety of topics. All of them deserve space on your media player, most are updated weekly:

The Hackney Podcast. This is probably the most avant-garde, imaginative and playful approach to podcasting that I have seen. The editor and producer, Francesca Panetta, deserves the awards this podcast has been getting the past year. Updated monthly-ish.

This American Life – a radio show, produced by a highly skilled team at WBEZ Chicago, but it’s too good not to mention.

Slate Magazine’s podcasts. I particularly like the Culture Gabfest and the Politics Gabfest, but that’s just me. They’ve got a fun sports podcast too.

Guardian Audio & Podcast page. Note how each podcast has an anchor who fronts the show, and how their podcasts connect to different editorial departments within the Guardian.

Answer Me This, indie comedy podcast, done by three people.

WTF, comedy podcast.

…and speaking of comedy, here’s Ricky Gervais’ podcast.

The Moth Podcast, storytelling recorded live on stage. These recordings come out of the various live events that the Moth puts on around the USA.


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