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June 19, 2009 / conceptbin

Sensation for Sensation’s Sake

Saraceno-inside-2My article Sensation for Sensation’s Sake: Affect and the Temptation of “Wow!”, originally published in the beautiful art magazine Sjonauki, has been republished in the Nordic online magazine

This was a fun piece to research. I wrote it in response to the Psycho Buildings exhibit at the Hayward Gallery in summer 2008. The show brought together a remarkable set of artworks that helped me think differently about aesthetics and representation. Like Carsten Höller’s slides at the Tate Modern and Anthony Gormley’s Blind Light, the works by Gelitin and Saraceno, among others at Psycho Buildings, were primarily about the user’s experience – touching, floating, falling…

Perhaps these works are part of a trend, but the recent recreation of Robert Morris’ Bodyspacemotionthings (1971) should remind us that art has emulated the playground for quite some time.

Bodyspacemotionthings has just closed at the Tate Modern, but I’m looking forward to Walking in My Mind, opening next week at the Hayward.



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