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December 7, 2008 / conceptbin

Podcasts I commute by

headphonesThe delightful thing about a 45-minute commute is that it’s long enough to listen to one or two good podcasts. I was talking about this aural bonanza that pours into my audio player to a friend of mine who works from home, and I think she started to envy me the time I spend on London buses. Maybe.

Here’s the list of good stuff:

This American Life, the best radio show anywhere, ever, on any planet.

BBC Digital Planet, tech stuff, pure geek pleasure from the BBC World Service.

The Guardian Media Talk and Tech Weekly – more geeky good stuff. Media Talk makes me feel way more savvy about the media scene than I have any right to.

The New York Times TechTalk podcast – geekery from New York City.

The New Yorker Comment podcast. Without it I’d have no opinions.

NPR Live Concerts from All Songs Considered podcast. Impeccable live recordings of a wide range of artists.

The Moth storytelling podcast. Live performances, excellent stuff.

Savage Love because Dan Savage is a genius.

Slate’s Explainer Podcast. You can’t have too much bitesized knowledge lodged in your brain, good for dropping factoids casually into conversations.

…and of course the Icelandic culture show Víðsjá. If you close your eyes when listening to this, even the Tube feels like a cozy kitchen in Reykjavik.


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