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March 18, 2008 / conceptbin

Fjölmiðlar og fámiðlar (Presentation at the Reykjavik Academy)

This post is an extended footnote with my presentation today at a symposium organized by, at the Reykjavik Academy (see press release in Icelandic). In addition to myself, the panelists are Elin Hirst (director of TV news RUV), Pétur Gunnarson (, and Þröstur Helgason (editor, Morgunbladid).

Broadly, I argue that the distinction between print, radio and TV has become untenable, and we need different concepts for database-driven media platforms, their interfaces, their scale, temporality and modes of reception.

Here’s a collection of links to recent news stories on the topic (in English), most of which I refer to in the presentation. Except Chris Anderson’s article “The Long Tail,” from Wired (Oct 2004), which deserves pride of place anyway.

Remarking on TV and it’s ongoing dissolution, or rather the becoming-television of various media, I mentioned Joost, the open-source Miro, BBC iPlayer. In relation to music, particularly sites that encourage music discovery and the mapping of users’ tastes, I mentioned (in addition to iTunes, unavailable in Iceland), Rhapsody,, and Musicovery.

And, naturally, I couldn’t resist mentioning Gawker and it’s spawn of specialist blogs (e.g., Consumerist, Defamer, Fleshbot, Gizmodo, and so on).

Now to write something up for Kistan.


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