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July 15, 2007 / conceptbin

A bit of conceptual art

DSC01618.JPGI went to the Serpentine Gallery on Friday to do an interview, and noticed this fetchingly posed stepladder in the bare gallery.

The article is for the Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid about the artist Hreinn Fridfinsson and his upcoming show at the Serpentine Gallery. I’ve admired Hreinn’s work for years, so it was a pleasure to get to meet him.

When I arrived at the Serpentine, he was in the main gallery, surrounded by packing crates and assistants, busy setting up the show. He sat down with me for tea and a quick chat in a room off the main gallery. Hreinn was surprisingly relaxed for someone 3 days away from opening his first ever show in London, but the demands on his time were quite obvious.

I can never get quite used to the time constraints of interviews. It’s a strange trade-off. You get to meet someone fascinating, but just as your conversation is hitting its stride the time is up.

Accidentally, I left my recorder on when we were taking photos for the interview, so I know that it took me just under 4 mins. to get 8 shots of him, 2 of which were pretty good.

We’ll see what the editor in Iceland thinks. They haven’t made it into publication yet.


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