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April 2, 2007 / conceptbin

Music, music…

Phone and handsIn the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting started on a research project, in partnership with Paul Bay (of Citizenbay). We’re looking at the social production and distribution of music. There’s a lot of received ideas around about music, downloading and how the music industry is about to be ruined by the thieving piracy of all those online file-swappers who don’t want to pay anymore.

Yet, there is a lot of music, bands flourish, and in every borough of London there seems to be a thriving scene of one kind or another – Croydon, Brixton, New Cross (Rocklands), and so on.

In all these local scenes there’s a strong DIY-mentality. Recording songs, distributing them and filling the local clubs with newly acquired fans all happens online via social networking sites, peer-to-peer file swapping, and bluetoothing music files between mobiles at the back of the bus.

We’ve been talking to some fascinating people around London, and both Paul and I will be blogging more about that soon.


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