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January 6, 2007 / conceptbin


For a long time I’ve been interested in this kind of site which provides an informational and social overlay on a physical space. Facebook and other campus sites do this for universities and colleges. But what about the rest of us? Peuplade is a neighbourhood- based social networking site for Paris. It looks very promising. I’d join if it were in London, but hélas we don’t have one. Then again, I’m in exactly the demographic that has adopted it in Paris, according to the BBC.



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  1. Pétur Björgvin / Feb 19 2007 10:27 pm

    Hey, that is a great idea, I think we could use this in Akureyri, almost all homes online every evening. Thanks!

  2. Lucile / Aug 31 2008 5:43 pm

    I am French and I am also looking for a neighbourhood-based social networking site equivalent to Peuplade for London. I was wondering whether you have found such a site since you posted this. I also thought you might be interested to know that Peuplade covers much more than Paris: all France and even world-wide countries are now covered. You could therefore if you wanted, create an account located in London. Unfortunatelly, there is currently very little activity in London. I am Francopholien in Peuplade if you decide to join let me know.
    Also, I thought we could be in touch to share our findings related to this type of alternative social networking site.
    Let me know if you’r interested.

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